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The current position:HOMEVALUE-ADDED 》Naha Service
     From 2005, HASCO opened a container line service from Shanghai to Naha Japan in which a container vessel with 576 TEU is put into operation. On every Thursday, it sails from Shanghai while on every Saturday it arrives in Naha. The opening of this route has made up for the blank in that there no container ship straight to Naha Japan in East China and this route has become the only container shipping route straight to Naha in East China. After nearly ten years of hard work and practice, the stable sailing date and high-quality service of this route have been highly recognized by Chinese and Japanese customers. By virtue of this service, HASCO becomes the designed feeder service carrier for worldwide container transportation companies who transfer cargoes in Shanghai to Naha. The Shanghai/Naha line operated by HASCO has become the first choice for cargo shipping transportation in this area and built a most convenient and fastest bridge of international trade sea transportation between China and Naha.

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